Our exclusive Monsoon blinds are custom fit to withstand tropical weather effects such as rain, wind, harsh glare or heat. This helps in keeping the interior comfortable and unaffected, while the blinds themselves are sturdy, yet easy to handle and maintain. Made from environment and child friendly materials, the outdoor blinds range are a beautiful addition to your Home pool, garden, restaurant or office environment. The blinds come in an array of colors and designs while transparent blinds are perfect to preserve the outside view.


Zebra blinds are an innovative alternative to traditional curtains which allow light entering a room to be adjustable. This is enabled through its zebra inspired pattern of alternating dark and light stripes of colour in double rows. The overlapping between the dark and light stripes can be adjusted to blackout a room completely or to let in more light. The blinds can also be

retracted completely to allow complete view of the window.


Our extensive collection of beautifully woven blinds made from bamboo, rattan and wood
effectively filters light into interiors, creating warm and inviting ambiance,
blinds are available in roll-up, roman and sliding styles, as well as well as
in 20 styles of weaving ,colors and design.


Our exclusively crafted wooden Venetian blind are customized in our own factory with 100%kiln dried basswood that will elegantly fit your requirements in your interior space. Each and every blind is handcrafted and assembled to control your every lighting need.


Our manual cord or chain controlled Roman blinds are vastly popular with a modern look and feel. They transform any space giving a contemporary look, with an array of colors and style to be chosen from, easy maintenance is allowed with a washcloth or detachable panels for machine washing


Roller Blinds are Shaded sun screens come in many designs and are crisp and translucent filtering the sunlight, yet effectively blocking out the sun’s glare and UV rays that usually case fading and discoloration of the interior fabric. The screens bring in a modern touch, but do not compromise the exterior view completely. This elegant weave is already popular in many business premises as well as homes.


Shadow blinds allow for the control of natural light whilst also ensuring ambient light feature when fully opened. The honeycomb structure allows for privacy to be controlled through levels of the complete Venetian or absolute closure.


Duo blinds are the newest innovation in window blinds where the striped fabric along two layers creates an open and close effect. Operated by tilt chain, you are able to maneuver the shade to be either opened or closed, so that you cannot see through it or by using tilt cord you are able to create the sheer effect.


Glide a lux blinds are simply open out as panels to the left and right, allowing the desired amount of light to be filtered in. They are perfect for both office spaces and homes; it comes in many designs and fabrics types to match the interiors perfectly. Complete ‘blackout’, translucent fabrics and bamboo are also available. The blinds require minimal maintenance which is also a great value for investment.


Our Aluminium venetian blinds are of top quality ensuring that your interiors
and furniture are protected from fading and are also resistant to
heat and moisture, the blinds are made from durable aluminium and PVC
slats in various perforations and finishes. Light can be filtered in
by roll/pull up and horizontal tilt.