Zebra Blinds

Key Features

  • The material is from Korea.
  • Gives opaque, Semi Opaqueness.
  • Special designed bottom bar for smooth rolling.
  • Heat and UV reduction
  • Zebra blinds gives a neat and modern look to the interiors
  • Easy to maintain and user friendly.
  • Durable.
  • Easy care can wipe the dust using a duster or vacuum.
  • User friendly

Operating System

  • Motorized
  • Manual (Bead Chain)


Zebra Blinds are made up with a combination of Sheer Sunscreen and Solid Weave Fabric, when the solid fabric strips overlap light is blocked out and light is let in when the sheer fabric strips overlap. Worked by side chain, it can move the shade to see through the stripes or on the other hand to withdraw the visually impaired totally taking into account finish perspective of the window.​


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